EyeKonik is an artist with a focus on creating punchy and appealing pop music with a personal twist. Recently, he released a brand new single called ‘Mind Blown’.

What really makes this track stands out is definitely the fact that it’s so well produced, and the performance value is excellent as well. EyeKonik sings with passion and intensity, and the artist’s vocals soar through the atmospheric melodies and punchy tones of this mix. Fans of artists as diverse as Mac Miller, Michael Jackson, Prince, and Eminem are definitely going to enjoy this amazing single.

Check out the newly released music video right here:

This track is ultimately a very powerful calling card for the artist because EyeKonik is really showing a lot of versatility here. The song feels modern and innovative, yet somehow familiar and warm, creating a natural and lasting bond with the listeners, just because of how authentic the music feels.

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