There’s no denying that there is a swarm of new artists rising every day, but the most interesting part is that a lot of them are very young, many still in their teens. Amazingly, these young artists are already proving just how much talent they can share with the world. Having said that, the music industry has become very crowded in recent times and as a result, it still takes a very distinct personality and a special talent to elevate an artist to the highest level above the noise. With the release of her EP “Under the Influence of Interludes”, fifteen-year-old sensation Marja’e takes a shot at reaching that elusive level, and succeeds.

Marja’e likes to describe her music style as eclectic flavored R&B, with a hint of jazz. She started her musical journey at a very young age, performing at her school, colleges, festivals, and parties along the way. She believes that music has therapeutic abilities that can heal a suffering soul, mentally, physically, and emotionally. Marja’e uses her musical prowess to express her own emotions freely, without the fear of criticism or judgment, while supporting her work ethic with passion and dedication.

“Under the Influence of Interludes” is a fabulous project that is overflowing with promise, potential and attitude. The opening track, “Intro”, is a slick, minimalistic R&B-tinged, emotional toe tapper, with a heartbeat rhythm. The track hinges on Marja’e, with her vocal performance and overall confident delivery heightening the material. The song packed with strong lyricism and interesting production choices.

The slow burn of “Vibe” is where Marja’e sounds the most comfortable, sliding up and down her register. The use of her poignant vocal alterations on the beat-less breakdown makes the track even more of an affecting standout. But things get even better on “Whoa”, where Marja’e uses everything in her arsenal to make her the song as strong of a showcase as she possibly can. I think that with this track she really finds her voice and music style, as she soars across the arrangement effortlessly.

At only fifteen, Marja’e has uncannily developed a mature musical palette that draws more from the edgy R&B acts of today. She also showcases some serious vocal capability all throughout the EP. The interlude, “Hold Tight”, sees the production wind itself right down to an acoustic accompaniment, allowing the songstress’s vocal cords to tenderly resonate her sentiments.

Marja’e’s resolute voice, and lyrical intimacy again comes to the fore on “How Do You Love”. The slow and steady beat, and shimmering guitar riff, immediately draws you in, but what will really impress you is the vocal and lyrical delivery. Marja’e is ready to capture your whole attention with this song, as she immediately has you grooving to its chill swing and singing along to the sensitive and affecting lyrics.

By the time you press play on the pulsing “Outro”, it becomes evident how many times during this listening experience you’ve forgotten that Marja’e is only fifteen years old. Her lyrical take on matters of the heart have a much deeper insight than her age would lead you to believe.

The real beauty of the EP “Under the Influence of Interludes” is the emotional texture of Marja’e’s singing. Every single note and vocal choice matters, leading to an utterly immersive experience. Even before digesting the lyrics, it is impossible not to feel the artist’s inner emotions.

The songs on this recording, are all-at-once, immensely personal, musically powerful and undeniably accessible. “Under the Influence of Interludes” reflects an artist deeply in touch with her feelings — and incredibly adept at communicating those emotions to a broader audience.