“Believe Me”, the fourth release by the collaborative band, Joe’s Groove Huddle bears the hallmarks of the project’s true or presumed influences taken from great rock music of the 70s and 80s, as well as modern rock. However, the line of influence and imitation is never crossed. Rather, Joe’s Groove Huddle pack those influences into their own personal aesthetic. They take a blend of old school and modern rock, and elevate it to a whole new level. They keep the rawness of live rock and add a more polished production, which ultimately packs a superior sound.

Joe’s Groove Huddle, was launched as a rock project, in 2020 by Jochen “Joe” Kinzig, due to the stagnation of his live band activity produced by the lockdowns. Kinzig quickly kindled the idea of writing his own songs and recording them over distance with other musicians. Now the project is already on its fourth single release.

In terms of songwriting, it’s hard to find a current rock single with the same caliber as “Believe Me”. The choruses sound huge, and the song is packed full of fuzzy, hard-rock guitar tones and some of the grittiest vocals you’re likely to hear for quite some time.

Eric Castiglia’s vocal delivery is powerful and flawless throughout. Benedikt Staud’s guitar riffs are fierce and varied. Jochen Kinzig’s basslines are dynamic and resonant, while the propelling drums are expertly placed into position by Christian Fier.

Lyrically, Joe’s Groove Huddle do not shy away from profound topics, and socio-political observations. “Believe Me” looks at how lobbyists strongly influence political decisions, which are then peddled to the public as autonomous decisions taken in the interest of the population. The song questions where these decisions will lead to in the future. It also warns against succumbing to simple solutions and answers, and the need to understand and process complexity.

The guitars are thunderous and the chorus is victorious in every aspect of it’s recording. The production doesn’t make the band sound too clean but, rather makes the music and the funky rhythm sound tight and keeps some of the more bombastic segments in check without taming it.

“Believe Me” is a success on so many levels. Joe’s Groove Huddle are at a point where they aren’t afraid to embrace modernized flavors while holding on to their classic rock and metal inspirations. It’s the mix of urgent and nostalgic tones, that really pulls you in, and gives the whole track a superior quality. Each component of the band compliments one another, helping to establish a unifying element throughout the music.

If you are brand new to Joe’s Groove Huddle, then “Believe Me” is an excellent place to start. It’s powerful musicianship at its best, the convergence of four experienced professionals who understand how to remain in control of their instruments. It’s also an example of how each musician brings his all to the studio. Full of skilled guitar licks, stimulating vocals, and a rattling rhythm section, “Believe Me” is a consummate example of why Joe’s Groove Huddle excel at their craft.

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Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/joesgroovehuddle/
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YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCfff2jJ0W3Sd_f0yLeVw0MQ