“Got the bill collectors chasing me. Keep running. Keep running. Walls are closing in and I just can breathe. Keep running, keep running. Don’t make a sound, landlord’s at the door. Rent’s two months late and I just can’t afford it. Sold my sneakers and my watch just to get some food, cause I can’t find a job and I don’t know what to do. I’m broke and it’s no joke” laments DJ Dark Pool, on the opening bars of his latest maxi-single, “I’m Broke”, distributed by Ace of Spades Entertainment LLC / Orchard / SONY.

This is a familiar and unpleasant déjà-vu for many in these troubled times, and just part of a devastating event the artist himself suffered. After spending all of his time and money building a recording studio in his apartment, a ravaging three alarm fire destroyed everything in an instant. He escaped with his life but was left homeless and without the tools he needed to work.

After many setbacks and a period of silence, DJ Dark Pool has been able to restore both his life and career, and the maxi-single “I’m Broke” certifies that fact. The recording contains the original song, plus four mixes – “Extended Mix”, “Radio Mix”, “Main Remix” and “Remix #2”. DJ Dark Pool is a perfectionist at his work and has really set his mark here as a serious player of electronic dance music.

Even listening to this music for the first time, you can’t help but acknowledge “I’m Broke” as being undeniable for what it is. A collection of modern-day original EDM mixes that’s so all-embracing and far-reaching that it aims to outwit its genre, and capture crossover prey. Depending on your favorite flavors of electronic music, each one of these tracks has something that will see you reaching for the replay button repeatedly.

Unlike many of the genre’s more mainstream-exposed practitioners, DJ Dark Pool actually does try to push the genre forward, without being overwhelming, too coy, or cheesy. “I’m Broke” not only ebbs and flows smoothly, but the mixes reflect off of one another – diversely shimmering structures of the same basic architectural design, playing like one coherent set – even though they’re not mixed together like one.

Stacking mix after stunningly melodic mix, with only minor downturns in tempo and intensity, “I’m Broke” sounds like an effort to define an important musical moment in time for the producer, which it really does.

On top of the driven beats, the vocals swell, excite, and harmonize. The best part of almost all these mixes, is their uncanny ability to grow on you, stick in your head and stay there. They also serve as a fine introduction to DJ Dark Pool’s musical style and formula.

“I’m Broke” – Extended Mix” has quickly become my favorite track on the maxi-single, as it raises the energy level and evokes the best of DJ Dark Pool’s beautiful synth patterns, warm bass and haunting harmonies which make this as accessible as it is danceable. All have been tweaked to sound fresh and exciting in the forms they appear in here. This maxi-single comes about as close to perfect as one could hope for.