Dawit Tyson aka KT (Keep Trying) has been writing poetry since age 6, and started rapping at 11.  The California resident, engrained in the hip-hop culture, recently dropped his confrontational single, “Changes”. Here KT sounds alert, urgent, and on a mission, shifting between cadences and registers with flawless dexterity. This musical project paints what can only be described as an entirely vivid culmination of the rapper’s flustered mindset up to this point, as articulates his impatience with waiting for changes that never seem to come.

KT wastes no time in conveying his sentiments on “Changes”, as he comes out of the blocks in an awe-inspiring and completely thrilling fashion. He matches the percussive energy of the beat with his equally kinetic delivery — one that is entrenched in rhythmic flows, powerful lyrics, and an energetic force that takes not a single second to slow down.

This track sees KT rollick in a style slightly removed from his past releases. Here he sounds more focused, edgy and electrified. Those exact facets actually make this track so impacting, because it cannot be stressed enough how much of an immersive, captivating, and frankly surprising musical experience that this song brings.

In a time when most of KT’s contemporaries are more obsessed with sweetly twisting melodic deliveries, he comes out with a tense and tight urgency. It’s a daring step, but with that said, few tracks of equal significance, thus far this year, can match the sheer amount of enthrallment that “Changes” delivers. In doing so, it actually does accomplish what KT set out to do with this track.

No matter his approach, you’ll consistently feel as though you are in the presence of a man who has spent his time honing his craft as a rapper and now is as eager as ever to display his abilities on the mic. Hopping aboard this single and joining KT for a ride across his restless and highly-strung performance is certainly an original and excitable experience. You’ll be treated to some heartfelt wordplay along the way.

No doubt, the hip-hop thrills packed into KT’s latest single, “Changes” are sure to do wonders in terms of breaking the mundanity of the moment, in these troubled times. Especially when we’re all living in a moment that doesn’t seem to be changing rapidly enough for the better. It only gives this single more relatability and authenticity, as we go about our own daily struggles and grind, searching desperately for change.

In the long run, “Changes” will likely prove effective in just about any context. Moreover, complete with a speaker-knocking bass beat, dynamic hi-hats and a determined flow, the track marks a new level of confidence, and ownership in KT’s skillset. This energetic track is a refreshing reminder of KT’s musical passion as he continues to elevate his craft.