Mr.V.Banks is a Houston TX artist and CEO of Nothing Except Money Management. He works in close collaboration with K.Hussle of High Rollin Inc Production. Together they form the independent conglomerate High Rollin Inc Production/Nothing Except Money Management. Mr.V.Banks was captivated by music since the age of 12, and by 15 he started writing songs. At seventeen he was seriously into the medium and formed a group with close friends called Ella Mean G’z, while still pursuing solo projects. Around 2008 Mr.V.Banks hooked up with a producer called B.G.P with his own label called Blow Tima Ent. They worked together on a few projects and their earnestness allowed them to stay together drop a slew of mixtapes and albums together.

2020 finds Mr.V.Banks at the head of his own company, and a brand new single, “Fabulous”, to heat up the season. The Houston rapper’s deep tone bounces in line with the blistering 808s and hazy synths, showcasing his inspired bars with humble confidence.

The track certainly goes a long way in representing just what Mr.V.Banks is able to achieve when displaying a sharp focus and integrity on his studio efforts. The track contains a strong lyrical undercurrent, making it more than simply an attempt to gain the interest of an audience.

Producer PleurBeats’ ability to combine the deeply dark with colossal banging sounds, finds a balance between pursuing the commercially and musically interesting at the same time, and comes as a welcome addition to Mr.V.Banks’ catalog.

Lyricism is a lost art, and no amount of deferential lip service can obscure the realities of hip-hop in its current iteration. For almost two decades, inarticulate rappers have been gaining on their more writerly counterparts. Luckily, Mr.V.Banks’ chooses his words with care, which is surely a positive factor in his skillset.

As modern as it sounds, “Fabulous” marks a return to the genre’s fundamentals – a hot beat, a fiery flow and something to say. With this single Mr.V.Banks’ aims to vault into the stratosphere. His time is now. He knows that he is ready. His ability to wield his own artistic identity and determinations to be someone without being a major label puppet has helped established a platform for himself and for other independent stars ready to shine on.

Mr.V.Banks’ music is his sanctuary, an extension of his dedication to craft, to artistry, to self-preservation. Its home to his emotions, and his passions. Being successful in the music biz in 2020 is certainly a near-term goal; staying true to his vision and being true to himself and the High Rollin Inc Production/Nothing Except Money Management within the industry machine is another immediate challenge.

It’s the reason why he keeps his lyrical content and musicality honest. Mr.V.Banks is, in many ways, the perfect template for a 21st century artist on an independent label. He is forging his own path, and the single “Fabulous”, presents yet another step forward for the artist and CEO.

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