Passionate, yet hateful is the story of Exit To Eden’s latest video clip. The Austrians around frontman Bernie Pfeiffer, celebrate the March 22nd, 2019, release of their associated Goth ‘n Roll single, entitled ‘Love At First Hate’ and give an audiovisual preview of their upcoming mini-album “Love And Other Nightmares”, especially Fans of traditional gothic rock alá The Sisters Of Mercy, The Cure, or Bauhaus are guaranteed to find it appealing.

In a nightmare of hate-love, the protagonist described in ‘Love At First Hate’, whose story is presented in first-person perspective, seems to be. Two extremes, passionate love and burning hatred merge and before you know it, you’re trapped in a vicious circle.

The first single and video release from the upcoming extended player “Love And Other Nightmares” is the band’s first material since the release of their last album “Exit To Eden II” in 2015. Established in 2002, Exit to Eden made in the following years through various live performances and the two demo’s “Under The Sky” and “Holy Love“, as well as a contribution to the “New Dark Age Vol 1.” sampler of Strobelight Records attention.

In the year 2010 finally the self-directed debut album “From The Other Side” was released, which was mostly favorably accepted by Gothic fans and the media. Through numerous concerts (including New Model Army, Tanzwut, Nik Page, Vic Anselmo, or Combichrist), as well as the single Sara and the EP Hiding The Light, Exit To Eden earned the reputation of one of the most important gothic bands from Vienna become.

After the simply titled second longplayer “II”, vocalist Bernie Pfeiffer joined the band. In the cast Bernie (vocals), Werner (drums), Dave (bass), and David (Guitars), the band played various concerts throughout Austria. As a result of this tour, Exit To Eden found themselves in the studio to record the new upcoming EP “Love And Other Nightmares”.

In search of a label, the master of this EP landed at the German independent label NRT-Records, which Exit To Eden finally signed in January 2019. With the video single “Love At First Hate” and the soon following ep “Love And Other Nightmares” the foundation for this cooperation is laid.

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