Recording artist John Anthony Ziegler was born in Columbus, Ohio who later changed his stage name to BigJohn. The once air conditioning service technician, is also the founder of the production label BigJohn Entertainment, which stands as a testament to the fact that you can realize your dreams and aspirations. BigJohn who cites Plies as being his biggest inspiration, started doing music seriously in 2010.

He has since been working on reaching the highest levels of competence and success possible. The creative is currently completing work on his upcoming album, and in the meantime BigJohn Entertainment, in coordination with Big Gates Records, have dropped BigJohn’s new single “Do You Even Lift Bro”.

Right off the cuff “Do You Even Lift Bro” exceeded the expectations I had coming into the track. BigJohn displays lyrical deftness throughout the entire song. We get the classic-styled alliterations, metaphors, flows, and internal rhymes. We also get lyrics that you won’t hear anywhere else, right now. They’re both witty and confrontational, calling out the mere talkers from the real doers.

BigJohn knows how to present a tight narrative through colorful characters, clever wordplay and personal experience. There are moments in music where everything lines up perfectly, where the pieces are all in place for something great to happen. “Do You Even Lift Bro” feels like one of those moments. And better still, BigJohn has confidence. He has obviously come to understand his own craft.

Here on “Do You Even Lift Bro”, BigJohn steps up to the plate making pondered, cutting statements that are easily relatable. He is crafting ridiculous punchlines and eloquently blunt affirmations. He has everything working for him on this track, as he lyrically steamrolls his antagonists.

This is a sprawling four-minute open-minded, straight-talk that never equivocates, never compromises, and never aims for anything less than total hard-hitting transcendence. Throughout, BigJohn holds it all together through merciless rhyming. “Do You Even Lift Bro” comes out in an era when rappers are expected to mumble to radio songs, to dilute their sounds for the widest possible audiences.

But BigJohn doesn’t play the commercial game of his contemporaries. Instead, he trusts his own personal charisma and his songwriting grace to carry him. The result is that “Do You Even Lift Bro” immediately becomes the kind of track that certain fans memorize and internalize, the type where certain lines will just pop suddenly up in your head with no explanation.

The song speaks to BigJohn’s brilliant lyrical ingenuity and nourish his bootstrap narrative, but most importantly, it feeds BigJohn’s ethos for open declarations delivered directly from his point of view.