Ute is a singer, born in Germany, whose heart is in the USA, alongside a huge part of her fans. Ute’s best friend, Grammy winner Kurt Wipfli, is also her producer, and many of her songs are originally written and composed by him as well. Her latest single is, is the love ballad, “Happiness Together”. “It is about that once in a lifetime story when you realize that the person right next to you is the one who you want to spend the rest of your life with,” explains Ute. This is thoughtfully sung, beautiful music from a strong female singer.

“Happiness Together” showcases Ute’s penchant for propelling her crystalline and emotive voice to the surface of the songs, never allowing the accompanying soundscapes to overwhelm her vocals. The atmospheric, swirling strings and resonant piano form a solid and vibrant foundation for the song’s affable and compassionate melody.

The single also serves as a harbinger of Ute’s continued commitment to refining her singing and expanding her artistry. All of which are evident on “Happiness Together”. From the moment she arrived on the scene, Ute’s affection for smooth adult contemporary pop propelled her to immediate notoriety.

The song “Music Makes Me Fly”, released a year ago, is another testament of Ute’s commitment to her craft, as was her cover of “The Show Must Go On”, a year earlier, and many more. There is also great variety in the subject matter of the songs in her catalog, and in each of these Ute manages to perfectly capture her theme. Something she repeats with “Happiness Together”.

Ute’s voice itself also has the ability to change genre. In some songs she sounds positively modern classical, and then in others she is bluesy, or jazzy and then again pop. Somehow though, Ute and Kurt Wipfli manage to keep all her songs together. At no point does it sound like they are trying to change genres, they just do what they do, and it works seamlessly, sounding like Ute’s own personal style.

“Happiness Together” is a song that will never go out of style. Ute’s unique and astonishing voice has a richness and maturity like few others, and this, teamed with the meticulous songwriting by Kurt Wipfli, make for a truly beautiful pop flavored track that is perfect for any and every occasion. With this release, Ute certainly achieved her goal of creating a song that evokes in the listener, images of deep romance.

It’s impossible to deny that “Happiness Together” is a thoroughly polished production which certainly knows how to press the collective button of its target audience. Ute’s voice is dexterous. It drops and rises, bends the notes and adds nuances in all the right places. It was made for songs like this, and just seems to get better with each subsequent release.

Lookout for Ute’s upcoming song “Santa Is Knocking At My Door”, which will be released the second week of November, as well as her documentary “Ute – Music Makes Me Fly”, by Pulsar Records and Mutt Productions, which will be available on streaming services, like Amazon Video and Apple Movies, etc.