The sound and atmosphere of Temperature Falls is built around somewhat gritty, blended organic-electronic sounding tracks that hearken the listener back to earlier times. Their latest track, ‘1-2-3’, is a seductive track that pulls the listener in with an eerie melody, sultry vocals and an ethereal reverberating atmosphere. Mixed beautifully, this is the perfect example of what to expect from this indie trip-hop/alternative rock duo from Oslo, Norway, made up of vocalist/lyricist Camilla, and multi-instrumentalist Ian J. Ward.

‘1-2-3’ is a gorgeous, melancholic song that is heart wrenchingly beautiful. Temperature Falls is one of those bands that are absolutely necessary for every collection. I loved their previous single “Zuzu’s Petals” the first time I hit play and I now love ‘1-2-3’ it in its entirety. It is another genre-bending release from Temperature Falls that satisfies the senses with luscious and colorful sounds, which captivates to the fullest.

Complex yet accessible, rhythmic and groove-inducing, sustained synths, jangling guitars, throbbing basslines, layered percussion, beguiling vocals, and infectious song structures are all par for the Temperature Falls course. Camilla’s performance peaks on ‘1-2-3’ the rapturous track with its twirling synths and stone-cold slow groove pulling at her in equal measure, drawing out a performance that epitomizes what is most exceptional about this project’s sound.

Camilla’s voice is outlined by the beat, crowned with Ian J. Ward’s emotional, mesmeric musical arrangement. ‘1-2-3’ is both organic and synthetic to the point where the distinctions lose all traction, where they come apart irreconcilably in the mysterious magnetism of the music. ‘1-2-3’ sounds impeccable on all fronts. For a record that is so lush, it’s remarkably visceral. The song is immaculately layered, as the subtle details drive the music along. It’s constantly evolving. Some songs are so well made that they make you appreciate the senses you use to experience them. ‘1-2-3’ is one of those songs.