The Italian composer and producer, Lorenzo Armando Aldo Bazzoni, who started composing in 2015 is totally self-taught, and simply uses his ear in the absence of music theory. His preferred bands are Dream Theater and Symphony X. Bazzoni is back with another epic video single, entitled “Lancelot”. The score is more about rhythm and texture and creating the illusion of grandeur alongside the orchestral intricacy or compositional excellence. Gripping passages of rising intensity, driven by rolling drum beats and prominently featuring horns and strings, interchange with darker, slower and less harsh sections.

Medieval voices make short appearances and in combination with hurried strings as well as hasty percussion make for more spikes in excitement. Musically, there is a return of many familiar features from previous Bazzoni soundtracks: rolling drums, dynamic strings, strong brass parts and haunting choral interlude. All of them are applied very effectively, but it is the incessant ever-changing momentum of “Lancelot” that will keep you locked in.

The action in the music is almost relentless, with all the elements we have come to expect – layer upon layer of percussion, brass and strings – which certainly sets the pulse racing. Considering that the track is not linked to a moving visual or narrative, and taking it purely in isolation, it is incredible how difficult it is to resist.

Bazzoni’s recipe of full-bodied elements targets the heartstrings with an overload of percussion and throbbing orchestrations. His technique is emotionally thrilling. It is music that gets the blood pumping. Lorenzo Armando Aldo Bazzoni’s arrangement gives “Lancelot” a distinctive pulse and energy, and it has a strikingly original take on the Arthurian legend with the infusion of rock guitar propulsions.

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