It’s sometimes hard to find the words that accurately bring justice to avant-garde electronic works. With an artist like Maki you almost only have to mention his name for fans of the underground independent scene, to understand the potential for a great album of music. Maki should be an instantly recognizable global name within the mainstream electronic world of sound. His latest release, “Atlas Hacked”, is a classic album in the making. And I do not say this lightly. There is a growing body of research that has examined the impact on adolescents and adults of internet and social media addictions. Findings have demonstrated a significant association between insecure affectional ties and an intensive and dysfunctional use of the internet and social media. Maki takes that study a step further on “Atlas Hacked”, and shows us how the new world order use technology to dominate and dictate our newfangled addictions for their own purposes.

Consequently we are led like lambs to the slaughter, as big brother systematically feeds our addicted online minds, fake news, fake truths, fake realities, fake governments and fake religions. “Beware of the mentally defective, the politically insane, the violently religious, the elite criminal minds,” warns Maki, “They seek dominion.”

I experienced this album in a dark house with some incense burning and my stereo at just the right volume. Being perfectly relaxed I on went on the 8 track journey of sound with an open mind and plenty excitement building inside of me.

Track by track you will experience an incredible sonic pull that’s hard to express or describe. It will shake you mentally, spiritually and musically and will no doubt become a true favorite as you will be hooked by the lusciously layered soundscapes Maki designs.

There is hardly anything to compare this music currently – dark yet fully textured, effortless yet so rich with tones, sounds, voicings and words that can indeed carry you to places you have never been to before (or have been too scared want to go to previously).

Extremely haunting but beautiful, Maki with this disc has certainly made his mark on recorded electronic music. A sonic journey to the true depths of the inner soul and beyond the spheres of your conscious mind, making you not a passive listener but an integral and active part of the music.

Maki challenges your thoughts and perspectives with a myriad of facts, ideas, and persuasive allusions that cut across political, social and cultural themes. You will recognize the behavior, elements, places, and people described throughout this set of narratives, and realize that this concept album is as substantial as it metaphysical, in its approach.

From the ominous opening spoken word introduction of “ARE YOU NORMAL”, to the thrusting basslines of “IS NOT”, and the god-alluding “INSECT POLITICS”, the first three tracks will have you spellbound and in awe.

Not to mention the seed of doubt Maki will plant in your head regarding the powers that be. “Submit to the Golden Calf. Only he can save you now. Pray for Him. Believe what He says. Bow down to the Golden Calf. It’s not too late.  Believe. Believe everything he says!” reads “INSECT POLITICS”

Maki switches up the rhythm on the cine trance track “ROBOT SEX”, which forges a perpetual beat, embellished with some powerful saxophone work and a sultry female vocal, to make sure that the message is clear. This music doesn’t simply let you listen, it holds you hostage.

The energy crackles, as Maki knows how to use sounds in the most beautiful way possible. As for the technical quality of the record itself, I was impressed. The emotional strings, percussion and chanting voices of “LIGHTS OUT”, leads us to the cinematic title track “ATLAS HACKED”.

“A corporation is a man without a soul. He casts no reflection in a mirror. He has no purpose, only desire. He lusts after money. He kills to make a profit and rule the world.” The message is clear on this title track, which clearly describes a dystopian world led by corrupted power, lies and destruction. “BE HERE NOW” permeates with strains of jazz and a dominating saxophone. The album closes with the refreshing acapella motif, entitled “DON’T DO WRONG”.

This album will teach you a great deal, and it could not have been more difficult to make, considering all the sonic intricacies – Maki seems to effortlessly let loose life-altering sonic soundscapes, which are as inspiring as they are challenging. “ATLAS HACKED” is the essence of modern humanity dissected and explained in the most universal way possible – via music!