Max M is an electronic music producer and keys player, originally from France, who is considered to be “one of the world’s French experts” in the field of IT. Pursuing a career in Computer Science, Max M became a respected IT expert who was a former startup CEO holding a patent in the US. Although Max M leads somewhat of a double life, his passion for music began back when he was fourteen years old. DJing and composing for his own enjoyment, Max M went on to perform at parties by the time he was eighteen.

Max M’s discography contains six releases since 2018: ‘Rebirth (Original Edit)’ (2018), ‘Under Water’ (2019), ‘Never Wanna Leave’ (2019), ‘Never Wanna Leave (Klaas Remix)’ (2020), ‘Never Wanna Leave (Klaas Remix Extended)’ (2020), and ‘Imaginary Problems’ (2020).

Some of his most successful tracks to date include ‘Never Wanna Leave (Klaas Remix)’ with almost half a million streams, ‘Under Water’ with over four hundred and seventy thousand streams, and ‘Never Wanna Leave’ with over three hundred and fifty thousand streams. In addition to his streaming success, Max M has amassed almost four hundred thousand views on his YouTube channel.

Our featured single, ‘Imaginary Problems’ by Max M, is out now and available to stream on all major streaming platforms! The single sits at a steady 134bpm and starts with a six second instrumental introduction that creates a sense of anticipation; the gradual swell of the synth prepares the way for the initial drop into the first verse.

At the 0:07 mark, the amalgamation of the synth, rhythmic beat, foundational bass, and prominent vocal line, create a dance sound that is uplifting and melodically memorable. Max M’s composition layers multiple vocal lines systematically, particularly in the chorus, creating a powerful sound. The mix is well balanced, with each element of instrumentation complimenting one another without dominating the melodic flow.

Fans of Max M, as well as those who appreciate new and creative Dance, will definitely want to hear this single! Make sure you follow Max M on social media to keep up to date with upcoming releases and performances!