Hip Hop overtook Rock as the most streamed genre in the world and is now making waves across Asia. Although YouTube has been North America’s go-to platform for music video streaming, Asian audiences are finding it increasingly difficult to discover and consume the vast amounts of content coming from such a diverse region. DesiHipHop Inc, a California based Platform & Media Co just launched a beta app on android named Desi Hip Hop, to lay the foundation for a new breed of Asian Urban Youth diaspora across India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh to celebrate their culture and create cutting edge content.

While most streaming giants sell Music or Video subscriptions, DesiHipHop wants to focus on the Lifestyle with its new OTT Video Streaming Platform. “In the 80’s we stood in line to buy music, we waited all week to watch Soul Train. We didn’t have Digital, Mobile & Social technology to help us discover Hip Hop culture. I’m an immigrant Indian and when I wanna discover new Hip Hop music from South Asian artists, I have no idea what to look for on Youtube. So we’re building a platform solution for Fans, Artists, Brands & Audiences to connect, curate, create & celebrate culture,” says Desi Hip Hop Founder Hardik Davé.

Hardik Davé, a former Technology Executive has been building Digital Experiences for enterprises and brands across retail and sports and is now turning his focus on music. You can download the app for Android HERE, or find out more about it at the DesiHipHop Official Website.

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APP: https://desihiphop.lnk.to/app
WEBSITE: http://www.desihiphop.com/desi-hip-hop-music-video-streaming-platform/540306