A data rap incorporating elements of the rapper’s personal experience surviving the streets of Philadelphia to make it to the top of New York City and get knocked down back to Kansas City. Video footage shows a young man, in his 20’s, wearing an electrode headset. In real-time, the man’s electrical brain waves are acquired, stored, transmitted and displayed on a computer screen with a 3D topographic heatmap. Predominant waves shown are the Alpha waves, located in the pre-frontal cortex, operating on a frequency band of 8-12 Hz. No animals were hurt in the production of this song. The use of “door dash the waiter” refers to a common dance move performed in urban nontraditional environments.

Abdus Da Man – ‘We GoT the Alpha’ Prod. by Kayin VIDEO!

We got the Alpha, No Beta
Real time, Big data
DoorDash, the waiters
The world, some haters.

Song lyrics written by Abdus S. Muwwakkil
Song and beat produced by Kayin

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