Rachael and the Upbeats are a multi-genre collective who produce summery and infectious earworm tunes designed as an escape from our mundane everyday lives. From rock, to hip-hop, jazz, trance, pop and lots more, they create one impeccably catchy song after another performed by an eminently likable project. It’s just really good popular music, the kind that can tingles your spine, amplifies your emotions, and puts you in a high-spirited groove right from the get-go. It is music that is as beautiful as it is an ear hook.

In sound and substance, Rachael and the Upbeats’ releases have adhered strictly to their eclectic brand of feel-good vibes. All of which is evidenced on the single “Saturday Nights at the Bakery”. Jangling guitars, shimmering keys, shuffling percussion and an elegantly breathy female voice, propel an aura of wistful wonder. The effervescent arrangement somehow manages to feel crisp and soft-focus all at once. The performance is unabashedly sweet, and savory enough to be more than just a guilty pleasure.