“Soulblind” is the debut song and first-ever music video by Pivotal Awakening, a US-based Contemporary Christian band. The band create encouraging and uplifting songs with engaging sounds and impactful themes. Here they lead the charge with another impressive arsenal of sweet soulful sounds and meaningful lyrics. It’s no surprise that their songs tend to captivate and excite listeners.

Without reservation, “SoulBlind” kicks off on a surefooted organic note. The opening chords and drums launch the introduction of the song; the verse and chorus picks up with thoughtful but energetic drums, piano, and guitar. Mindi Odom on vocals leads the song, with backing voices joining across the choruses as the music reaches its varying crescendos. The lyrics joyfully describe God’s faithfulness and constancy, which we simply need to find and follow.

“But now I see, you’re always reaching to me. To lead me from darkness and into the light. All you ask, is just to have faith and believe. To never be soulblind,”sings Pivotal Awakening. Their conviction and sentiment is both poignant and persuasive. Despite the mellifluous and smooth flow, the song ascends with a triumphant and victorious sound that is never overwhelming, or over preachy, and is easy to grasp for any contemporary music listener.

There are countless times where a certain song meets a certain listener at the right place and time. “SoulBlind” is full of such moments, beautifully surrounding listeners with an encouraging and inspiring aura, as the instrumentation punctuate and highlight the lyrics. Building on their momentum, Pivotal Awakening will surely continue to uplift listeners and proclaim the Savior – that’s the true triumph of their music.

More About Pivotal Awakening: “One song, just for fun.” That was the plan when two church friends, lead singer Mindi Odom and bass guitarist/keyboardist Andy Graves headed into the recording studio in September of 2019.

Their debut song, “Soulblind”, led to four 2020 Detroit Music Awards nominations and Mindi being voted as a Finalist in the Outstanding Christian Vocalist category. Inspired by a suggestion from their producer to write together, the duo embarked on a songwriting explosion. The Contemporary Christian pop/rock band Pivotal Awakening was born.

Their fourth song, “Awaken and Rise”, was just released, and the duo have written 14 songs together so far. With a steadily growing international audience and followers on their social media, Mindi and Andy can’t wait to see what God and music has planned next!