“This song was written by Blayza to highlight the need for communities, especially inner-city areas, to embrace the youth with compassion and provide them with mentorship to help combat the issues plaguing America’s children. We can no longer sit back and pretend someone else’s issue is not our own.”

Hip hop gets a real boost that is well needed, from “I Can” by Blayza. He has now set a precedent for genuine openness, honesty and empowerment, in a game often plagued by the search for mediocre radio play and record sales. You do not need any context to understand and enjoy this track. The production of the song is layered with content, heart and perspective. Blayza is an artist who knows where he came from, but more importantly knows exactly where he wants to go with his music.

Blayza has a brilliant mind for a young artist. His thought processes and perception of things are accurate and focused. Lyrically gifted and technically equipped, this man is doing everything to bring consciousness thinking back into the business, while inspiring and driving people to do everything in their power to live the right kind of life. “I Can” is an unbelievable total music performance, and this track is here to stay.

Blayza is by far the most impressive and invested lyrical performer I’ve seen in the underground in a while. “I Can” is pure excellence. Nothing is lacking.