DC native and singer-songwriter, Zaneta Z Artist, also known as Z, has encompassed the many different musical sounds of the city. From being influenced by Hip-Hop, Soul, Gospel, Rock, Funk and of course the music of DC, Go-Go, Z has an alternative sound that can span across different genres. Z’s releases are a smart, polished, contemporary raft of urban groove that garner critical favor. Her mid- tempo R&B/Pop single “Goodbye”, taken from her EP “The Ides of March”, was recently remixed into a banging dance track by DJ Tremelo.

With a crack of the EDM and House whip, the overall quality of the remix predicates that a finesse and a consistent coat of studio tech gloss are the major tenets of “Goodbye” sonically. It is an athletic, seamless bricolage of frothy synth groove, spiky dance rhythm, and soulfully soaring vocals by Zaneta Z Artist.

What makes “Goodbye (DJ Tremelo Mix)” noteworthy is how comfortably Zaneta Z Artist sits among the myriad of EDM sounds, percussive breaks, and bass driven rhythm that DJ Tremolo has put at her disposal, and which is used as an ideal conduit for her spicy vocal. Without ado, Z effortlessly drapes her voice over the repurposed groove.

There’s a genuine sense of passion and musical discovery that permeates every part of this remix, and in the end, “Goodbye (DJ Tremelo Mix)” proves to be a highly accomplished sonic detour for the artist, representing yet another demonstrable leap forward for Zaneta Z Artist. She is a much more formidable force than even her previous releases led to believe.