Twenty years down the line, artist, producer, entertainer, and entrepreneur Kilo M.O.E is still very much on his grind, and brings us his latest creative endeavor ‘Watch What Ya Say’, fresh off the album Fly G’z and Palm Treez. The track is an upbeat, catchy, and groovy piece of hip-hop sound that exposes the artist’s most prolific attributes from the very first beat.

‘Watch what Ya Say’ comes along with a video that instantly elevates the impact level. In an era where the focus mostly lies on the technical aspect of music, this talented and steady producer emphasizes his raw abilities to create new music that would give the listeners a new form to enjoy.

The video featuring Hecdakid has been produced fantastically, keeping in mind the taste of millions of hip-hop fans. Its punchy words, the rapper’s way of delivering the words, the varied kind of musical influences, the melodic beats, everything has been stapled together excitingly to allow the listener to groove to his musicality endlessly.

Check out ‘Watch What Ya Say’ with Kilo M.O.E & Hecdakid

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