Many people resort to toxic methods in order to cope with failed relationships and other chaotic situations, hence life has become unpleasant or even unbearable for many. “Reflections” the new song by 3Mind Blight featuring Sophie Dorsten talks about failed relationships and anxiety from chaotic situations and hopes to help people find some respite through its soaring melodic delivery, relatable verses and smooth instrumental. The song sends a message that urges people to let go and not remain numb inside, encouraging listeners to move on and discover their essence in life.

3Mind Blight – “Reflections” ft. Sophie Dorsten


3Mind Blight hails from Tulsa, Oklahoma, and started his musical journey in 2018. He finds inspiration to do his kind of music from his feelings, emotions, and thoughts. Although a big fan of having a particular style, 3Mind loves to try out other sounds from time to time. He occasionally goes looking for new sounds by blending several music genres into some of his songs. He is also very well-revered as a versatile artist who does rap, rock, metal, orchestral, pop, and more.

The decision to work with Sophie Dorsten on “Reflections” has been cheered on by fans and listeners who think that the duo was perfect together on the song. Sophie, an Indie/Pop Singer-Songwriter born and raised in the Phoenix, Arizona area, brought into the song her warmth, vocal clarity, and personality. Sophie is reported to have started singing since she was 9 years old and has been releasing EPs since she was 13 years of age.

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