Zilla F. Baby is a Musical artist out of New Jersey, Originally from Hillside, now in Somerville. He is an avid lover of Vans, Classic east coast style, more heavy and prominent with lyrics, and he can also adapt to new sound of music. Fun facts: he has a SpongeBob tattoo and a slew of other unique ones. He has been making music independently since 2014 with longtime collaborator/producer Japansaur also based out of NJ.

Zilla F. Baby works 2 regular jobs, waiting tables and working at a warehouse to fund his musical goals and dreams. He reps for the have nots, and the realities in rap music. The broke, depressed, mental health ridden, people who question themselves. Relating to the everyday man and situations he still currently struggles with.

Like watching his grandparents die in the hospital, losing a friend to prison, gang culture he saw at a young age, the adjustment of moving from the hood to the suburbs as a kid, racism, getting addicted to xans and opiated, dealing with depression and being diagnosed with bi polar, tailed relationships. All of which he speaks about through his music

Zilla F. Baby has a few singles on streaming services with the most popular being Trill Zilla. Frequent collaborators are other indecent artists from his town or Jersey such as Vaughn and Culayd who are members of the group T$C(Team Solo Cup) including Zilla. PETER BARK and King Cali are also 2 frequent producers from Hillsborough NJ.

Zilla F. Baby is currently working on the independent follow up to his album Pancakes And Bacon which was released 9/8/14 and is currently available on SoundCloud and Datpiff. He has a new album planned for late this year and then preparing for a very active 2020