Yellinek is a new rock band founded by Richard Jellinek in 2020. With intriguing, emotional music, our sound is a beautiful composition that connects with listeners instantly on their first listen. In few words Yellinek play modern rock with referring to the best sounds of 80s.

Formed in pandemic time 2020, the band includes Richard, David, Arkadius and Lukky. In each song you can hear charismatic voice of Lukky. Moving sounds, full of emotions and strength compositions by Richard Jellinek, filled with guitars, enclosed in easy to remember melodies.

Coming from Poland, Yellinek draw inspiration from alluring rock music of the 80’s. Although Yellinek is just starting its story, they can be considered one of the best musical discoveries of the year, and it is very probable that within some years they will join the group of the best rock bands ever.

The next few years will see Yellinek reach out to other regions and continents with their amazing ability of documenting love, romance and the emotions we can’t talk about. Driven by passion, past experiences and future experiences, they hope to sing their way into the hearts of people one at a time. With their innovative sound approach, they look to take listeners along with them on their musical journey.