Leshay Simmons, artistically known as Yahsel is a 26 year old, new independent indie artist, who after years of physical and mental health issues decided to release music. The prime reason he decided to finally release his music, was due to his latest health scare. During September, Yahsel contracted Covid-19 which caused him acute liver failure. He spent 8 days in the intensive care unit, while doctors and nurses stated that there was a good chance he would need a transplant or die very soon.

“I’ve never been one to cry but being there by myself feeling isolated and hopeless I cried like a baby,” explained Yahsel. “I’ve never been in the best health but it finally hit me. I might never see my family again, my niece grow up, my older sister finally using he degree to chase her dreams, my little sister break out of her shell or my brother when he finally gets released from prison,” he continued.

But there was more on his mind and burdening his heart. “The thing that hurt me the most was knowing it would destroy my mom, she’s taken care of me my entire life and I’m 26 that’s a long time,” explained Yahsel, elaborating: “She fought for me when no one else would, she’d cry for me when I refused to cry for myself, and she loved me and taught me to love myself when I hated how much of a failure I felt I was.” 

So when he was done feeling miserable and crying, Yahsel started to think of what he could leave behind for his family. He always had music as an escape and a comfort, especially because his mom and step dad got him a guitar when he was 9, and after he learned to play several other instruments. Yahsel also recorded rough demos as a way to cope with his mental health and he decided he needed to at least leave his family that.

So when Yahsel finally started improving on day 5 or so of his hospital stay he decided that there would be no more excuses. His 22 track album, “Last One I Promise” was supposed to be his will and testament, but he says that it’s not that anymore.

“I learned my music can help people, the past 3 months have been a Rollercoaster to say the least but I know what I want to do right now,” states Yahsel. “For as long as I can I want to make music that people enjoy and relate too. Hopefully I can do it for a long time, because that’s what I finally realized after 26 years is what makes me happy.”

Watch this space during the next few days when we publish the full review on the album, “Last One I Promise” and the brand new single, entitled “Green” by Yahsel. The album is dedicated to Yahsel’s dad. October 12th was the 20th anniversary of his dad’s death, and Yahsel hopes that he made hope him proud.