viel’a veil is an independent artist from the Inland Empire, CA. He is the main force behind headRx, a collective of rappers/producers also from So-Cal. His unique blend of sounds he calls “IE rap” is west coast-meets-dirty south-meets-trap, with unexpected splashes of soul, jazz, psychedelic, funk, stoner rock, surf music, and even a little bit of spaghetti western.

He cites 2pac, Wu-Tang, DJ Quik & Suga Free, Eminem, and The Roots as some of his influences. Don’t let his white skin fool you though, this isn’t Asher Roth. His lyrical content contains many references to the rampant drug use and gang violence that he feels surrounded by – detailing both its impact on those around him and himself.

He’s rapped about surviving a drug overdose that nearly took his life and left him hospitalized. Eventually cleaning up his act, he was stabbed multiple times a few years ago, which left him on a liquid diet – and rapped about that too. Even if you can’t say you like his music, you can’t say he isn’t interesting.


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