“The Lost End” has been in the works for the last two years and it’s finally almost here. Produced by Zoé Pelloux and written and directed by Alexander Salabaschew, it is a compelling psychedelic drama that tells the story of a man who is looking for his family after they were kidnapped by a cult. Currently in post-production, the film stars Andy Phillips, Every Heart and Isabella Valotti and will be released later this year.

Zoé Pelloux is an accomplished producer. Originally from Paris, France, she spent much of her childhood watching movies with her parents and making movies of her own with her best friend from middle school. After working as a script supervisor in France for three years, Zoé moved to Los Angeles and got her MFA in Producing at the New York Film Academy in Burbank.

Pelloux’s previous short film “Two Weeks In Laredo”, which was release in September 2018, is a surrealistic biopic detailing a particular incident in the life of experimental filmmaker Maya Deren. It was officially selected at the Paris Short Film Festival in 2019.

Her latest project, a feature film titled “The Lost End” exhibits the passion and care Zoé brings to her craft. With a number of acclaimed films and music videos to her credit, Zoé is looking forward to continuing to use her skills as a producer to make movies with diverse casts and important social messages. Go to her official website for release dates and new developments.

Producer: Zoé Pelloux

Latest Short Film: “Two Weeks in Laredo”

Upcoming project: “The Lost End”

Find out more about Zoé Pelloux on her Website: https://www.zoepelloux.com/