In the ever-expansive world of reggae dub, where rhythmic pulse and melodies intertwine, Ari Joshua emerges as a thoughtful guide. His latest offering, the “One Dub” EP, isn’t a bombastic reinvention of the genre, but rather a subtle exploration of its depths. It’s a record that invites close listening, rewarding those who dive into the interplay between its elements, a quality reminiscent of the work of reggae dub pioneers but with many more layers of instrumental sophistication.

Ari Joshua

Recorded at Bunker Studio in Brooklyn with Alex Conroy behind the board, “One Dub” feels refreshingly organic. Joshua, a guitarist with a keen sense of melody, leads a stellar cast of musicians on a journey that respects tradition – evident in the steady, hypnotic grooves –  while pushing boundaries in nuanced ways.

John Kimock, a drummer of formidable reputation, lays down a foundation as steady as a heartbeat, while bassist Andy Hess associated with names like Gov’t Mule and The Black Crowes, brings a depth that grounds the music without overpowering it. Keyboardist Eden Ladin adds washes of texture and color, his improvisations floating like clouds across a clear blue sky.

The title track sets the tone, an infectious groove that unfolds gradually, revealing its intricacies with each listen. Think reggae more restrained, building a foundation that compels your body to move even as your mind savors the subtle details.

Mell Dettmer of Studio Soli takes the reins for the remixes, adding a touch of studio magic without losing sight of the core melody. Dettmer understands the power of sound, enhancing the sonic palette with magic without overwhelming the original composition.

What truly elevates “One Dub” is Joshua’s unassuming yet undeniable guitar work. His lines are neither flashy nor self-indulgent, but rather serve the song, weaving a web of sound that is as evocative as it is tasteful. There’s a quiet confidence in his playing, a sense of deep connection with the music and his fellow musicians, echoing the collaborative spirit of classic studios where musicians built upon each other’s ideas.

The “One Dub” crew

Jonathan Plum, the mixing engineer at London Bridge Studios, deserves recognition for his contribution. He has sculpted the sound with a deft touch, creating a listening experience that is both intimate and immersive. The final piece of the puzzle is the artwork by Blase aka Reberlan Paresqui, which visually complements the sonic journey within.

“One Dub” is more than just an EP of remixes; it’s a testament to Ari Joshua’s dedication to his craft. Born in South Africa and raised in the U.S., Joshua brings a global perspective to his music, infusing it with a subtle sense of wanderlust.  His passion for music extends beyond performance, as evidenced by his work at The Music Factory, a haven for aspiring musicians.

With “One Dub,” he invites listeners to embark on a voyage of discovery, a chance to explore the nuances of reggae dub and appreciate the beauty that lies in subtlety, a quality often overlooked in today’s music world.

“One Dub” sets sail on streaming platforms worldwide on May 10th, 2024. Prepare to set aside some time for focused listening, and allow yourself to be drawn into the subtle yet captivating world Ari Joshua has crafted, a world that honors the legacy of reggae dub while offering a fresh perspective for contemporary listeners.


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