MusicCred, the sound-breaking mobile app that aims to revolutionize the connection between artists, venues, and fans, proudly announces its collaboration with rising country sensation Jessie G for her latest music video, “Like My Whiskey.” The video shows the young country songstress booking a backyard concert at the Country Rebel Ranch, as she invites a few of her iconic friends to join in on the fun, notably superstars Gretchen Wilson and Colbie Caillat.

The song’s namesake is Jessie G.’s favorite whiskey, the award-winning American brand Ammunition Wine & Whiskey. In the video, after Jessie is booked for a performance through the MusicCred app, she pours herself Ammunition’s straight bourbon whiskey and meets Gretchen for a horseback ride to the gig.

Co-written by the talented duo Jessica Goergen and Matthew Hundley, ‘Like My Whiskey’ is a song that encapsulates the essence of country music with its themes of strength, resilience, and the complexities of love and relationships. The song cleverly uses whiskey as a metaphor, brilliantly conveyed in the chorus, ‘I like my men like I Like my whiskey, A shot of him and I’m feeling frisky,’ which sets a tone that’s both playful and poignant. The music video for ‘Like my Whiskey’ further enriches this narrative, subtly incorporating hints of MusicCred throughout the clip, offering viewers an additional layer of engagement and connection to the song’s core message.

MusicCred discovered Jessie G in Nashville, where she was active in the local music scene and touring with Grammy award-winning artist Gretchen Wilson. “I’m excited to be a part of the MusicCred family and to collaborate with this groundbreaking technology. This app will empower artists of all levels to take charge and manage their careers and offer valuable tools to those who work hard and tour nationally,” says Jessie G.

Jessie G

MusicCred offers a solution for venues in search of top-tier entertainment, helping them easily connect with and efficiently manage their music business. The app addresses the challenges of connecting with artists or venues, eliminating the need for cold calls and providing transparency on bookings, budgets, trustworthiness, and payments. It even helps plan financially lucrative runs for artists and their teams. This tool streamlines operations, from payment tracking to maintaining professional artist-venue relationships.

Jessie G continues, “I’m thrilled that there’s finally a company tuned in to our needs and actively devising solutions to critical issues in the music industry. Ultimately, this will enable our industry to center its attention on what truly matters: the music! I’m eagerly looking forward to what lies ahead and MusicCred makes it easy for me to manage and book all my shows through the app. The upcoming features make it even more promising!”

The thriving ecosystem of live music has long been hampered by outdated practices and technologies, which have created a gap between supply and demand. MusicCred’s pioneering mobile app is poised to revolutionize the industry by creating direct connections between artists, venues, and fans. MusicCred’s BETA App is now live and available for download on both the iOS App Store and Google Play. The official release is slated for later this year, with more updates and enhancements scheduled to roll out over the coming months.

“What Uber has done for the taxi industry and Airbnb has done for the hotel industry – that’s what we’re bringing to the music business,” says Founder & CEO, Chad R. LaBoy. “Until MusicCred, there has been no way for independent artists and live music venues to connect directly to manage, book, and market events, and we’re here to change all that. We’ll also make it easier for live music fans to find local events while we increase our user base and accessibility for everyone in the live music sphere.”

Chad R. LaBoy, MusicCred’s CEO, brings over 14 years of rich experience to the music industry, not only as an inspiring singer-songwriter himself but also as a collaborator with a diverse array of artists. His contributions range from crafting outfits for renowned artists like Gretchen Wilson and Jessie G during the 2018 CMA awards to creating custom jewelry for Tanya Tucker, which she proudly wore at the 2020 Grammys. Chad’s profound understanding of the music scene stems from his deep connections with artists. Therefore, it’s no surprise that when he discovered Jessie G’s upcoming music video, “Like My Whiskey,” MusicCred eagerly joined forces to co-sponsor the project alongside Ammunition Whiskey, driven by Chad’s authentic passion and commitment.

Expressing her gratitude, Jessie G stated, “I am deeply honored to be a part of the MusicCred family and to join forces with this groundbreaking technology. This app empowers artists at all levels to take charge of their careers and provides venues with a streamlined approach to securing top-tier entertainment. It’s truly remarkable to have a tool that keeps artists busy and alleviates the challenges that come with the territory.”

CEO LaBoy underscores, “We’re just getting started!” With ongoing plans to enhance its technology, MusicCred is committed to addressing the unique challenges faced by independent artists and venues. It aims to bring about positive change and empower them to manage live music bookings and more effectively.

“Like My Whiskey” follows Jessie G.’s self-titled EP, released in 2019 to critical acclaim, and fan-favorite singles including “Timeless” and “You Lit a Fire.” After wrapping a national tour in 2023 that saw Jessie traversing the country and hitting classic country music venues, the new year will see the singer releasing her next album.

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MusicCred BETA App now available on the iOS App Store and Google Play.