Lyricist, Composer/Songwriter/Producer/Arranger & Lead Vocalist for R. Gerald’s IMFP SOCIETY. C.E.O of Astroid Records South and Astroid Two Music Publishing Company in Affiliation with BMI over the years, we have worked with amazing top industry professionals “Too many names to drop here” on numerous recorded projects released commercially in North America & Europe. Working predominantly in the Pop/R&B influences, in the past few years I have been redirected in my musical influences and am currently devoted to creating and performing contemporary gospel music.

This music has taken my path into crossing musical genres and is my passion & ministry. I’m rolling with it wherever it leads whether to instruct teach or give praise I am devoted to this cause. Destiny is the spiritual journey in real time as I expand to my ultimate destination. Exerting my God given talents to create a positive message through music, while elevating and inspiring those who listen.

Inclusive of a well thought concept we have a tried, true following in the Contemporary Gospel arena. With a penchant for producing both original & classic sounds, using extraordinarily unique rhythms & movements to create their own special musical recipes.

IMFP (I’m For Peace) society is solid in its concept that music is an experiential and emotional journey of oneness in and around the flow of life. Currently in collaboration with – [TreyHoodz ENT/Media Group] Featuring: Arthur Brown (Mannish Boi Productions), Roman “Big Rom” Sanchez (ABCMG) and R. Gerald.

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