If there’s one thing that Paolo Virdis does well, it’s his innate ability to transport listeners to otherworldly places through his music. His latest EP, ‘Confessions Of A Romantic Demon’ is no exception, a Darkwave/Darksynth project that encapsulates exactly why the Italian-based artist is turning heads with his brand of brooding and menacing Post-Punk.

Paolo Virdis

The EP is rife with dark, gothic imagery in its sound, echoing influences from the likes of Siouxie & The Banshees, Killing Joke and Joy Division. However, it also reels in strong hints from the Detroit Techno and Italian Electronic scenes, with tracks like ‘Broken Inside’ and ‘Only Lovers’ incorporating rolling drum grooves and pulsating basslines that wouldn’t be out of place in a New York vampire-themed underground nightclub at 2AM.

While groove is an integral element, Paolo Virdis’ pays special attention to creating especially gripping melodies and harmonies. This is evident in the track ‘Lies’, where haunting, reverberated dark trance leads cascade into a paranoid rave trip.

“This Ep is a journey of a Romantic demon in a dark land, between betrayals, love and searching love to not disappear in the darkness”Paolo Virdis

‘Confessions Of A Romantic Demon’ lands on 22nd October 2021, and will be available to stream on all major platforms. It was entirely self-released, self-produced by Paolo Virdis itself.

Buy the album ->https://paolovirdis.bandcamp.com/album/confessions-of-a-romantic-demon
Social Media link ->https://linktr.ee/paolovirdis