Marquan Elijah Williams, famous by his stage name “The Quantum Plane” (also the name he uses for his social media accounts), was born in 1988. His mother gave birth to him at the tender age of 15 on October 13th in Detroit, Michigan. The father was absent from his life, and his mom and grandmother raised him. There were troubles in his house related to finances, and the family had to live in poverty.

However, his rough childhood didn’t put a stop to his dreams or his ambitions. He always knew what he was supposed to do and never focused on the negative aspects. He had plans to gain success as a songwriter and musician but later decided that entrepreneurship was the real deal.

Although he has been involved in the music industry for the past 20 years and has recorded songs, his entrepreneurship goals are still strong as ever. This is what prompted him to venture into social media management and start his own company. He is now a lead marketeer with a good fan following on Instagram (which is always increasing) and helps other upcoming influencers enhance their social media growth. The domain his company specializes in includes media branding management services and concierge services.

The Quantum Plane’s successful career took a bit of a hit when his verified TikTok account got hacked last year. It was unfortunate to happen just when he was about to release his new song produced by Beat Billionaire. His last post, which was meant to promote his new TikTok song, was uploaded from his IG account and wasn’t only his last but also his most successful post on the app. Subsequently, the musician fell into depression, and it took him a good 15 months before everything was rebuilt.

Now, stronger and ambitious than ever, his company is reaching new heights, and both of his IG accounts are following suit. His story is utterly fascinating for several reasons. He was robbed of a happy and carefree childhood and struggled at various points in his career. But he stood tall in the face of adversity and went after his dreams with all he had.

He can be reached on his IG accounts