Michaelangelo Kudo, a 19-year-old singer-songwriter/dancer that is willing to take us all into what he calls the “Thoughts Of A Virgin”, his brand new album. From the album comes the smash single “Lizzy (Dancefloor Affairs)”, a track written and performed Michaelangelo Kudo, and produced, mixed & mastered by Chris Mandiangu.

With a mind like his, it is only safe to say that a spare set of clothes will be needed as well as numerous pairs of dancing shoes. The album literally kicks off with a party vibe, reminding the listener that he clearly wants somebody to dance and/or get into bed with; but the unexpected twist in this sixteen track LP of his is that the last five tracks literally find him at his emotional peak: unfiltered moans and gasps that are extremely X rated to be showcased, but display Michaelangelo at his sexiest.

He’s in need of something. And this album will sure tell you what it is he wants… Or in this case, craves.

Download the “Thoughts Of A Virgin” album for free on SoundCloud here: http://bit.ly/2kmJKw5


MORE ABOUT Sho Sho Kudo Music:

Sho Sho Kudo Music is a musical collective that was founded in 2013. It is a very unusual musical group that has 1 person taking on 3 musical personas. To break down who the 3 people are –

Chris Mandiangu (2008-Present): the overall founder & CEO of “Sho Sho Kudo Music”. Chris is in charge of the production, mixing and mastering. Apart from being a rapper in his own right; he is also a multi-instrumentalist (guitar, piano/keyboards, bass and drums), producer, producer, engineer & art director.

CM17 Sho Sho (2011-Present): Known for his rapid, aggressive, angry and “no holds barred” lyrics and rebellious attitude; CM17 is mainly influenced by musical greats in the grime and hip hop scene that have gone through before him: Chipmunk, Ghetts, Boy Better Know, Marvell, Lady Leshurr, Eminem, Busta Rhymes & Twista. With 10 mixtapes and 3 singles under his belt, he also achieved a major accolade in 2014 when his first studio album “16 Year Old Destined To Blow” made its debut on the Top 100 album charts on by hitting #43. CM17 also founded his own label “CM17 Sho Sho Music”, which is an official subsidiary of Sho Sho Kudo Music.

Michaelangelo Kudo (2012-Present): Being the singer-songwriter, dancer and actor of the group as well as being an artist of crossover appeal (conquering genres such as pop, R&B, funk, soul, rock, blues, gospel and his main influence African music), Michaelangelo is influenced by artists such as Matou Samuel, Aime Nkanu, Michael Jackson, Chris Brown, James Brown, Ne-Yo, Usher & Bruno Mars. His vocal and dance style is almost compared to Jackson’s due to the fact that he is one of his main influences, but Michaelangelo has an excellent presence on every song recorded. A great creator for catchy hooks and emotional appeal, he has also founded his own label “MK15 Productions” which is an official subsidiary of “Sho Sho Kudo Music”.