Laura Upchurch is an American singer, songwriter and recording artist from Nashville, TN. Her songs are an eclectic blend of pop, rock, and R&B elements, with strong lead vocals and lyricism reminiscent of the Lilith Fair Era of the 90’s-with a modern twist. This is a second career for Ms. Upchurch. Although her first career choice was to be an Opera Singer, (she majored in Classical Voice in college), she put her dreams aside in the interests of practicality to pursue a career in Healthcare.

A chance move to Music City, USA seemed a turn of fate, and, after having quit her day job, she used her time in quarantine during the COVID-19 pandemic to turn back to songwriting and performing, as well as learning the art of Music Production. Laura is a triple threat as a phenomenal singer, strong lyricist, as well as a budding Music Producer. She vows that this is just the beginning of a journey that was once only a dream, and it only gets better from here.


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