The latest single release from Australian Country band Born n’ Bred reflects similar Country genre characteristics, including honesty and storytelling. However, this latest number from Born n’ Bread delves into the subject of ‘White Lies’.

When it comes to White Lies, most of us justify telling them occasionally because the truth supposedly hurts. But what if its all the time? This song highlights the importance of integrity, transparency and the demise of relationships when trust is corroded over time. Born n’ Bred’s ability to capture the listener’s imagination with poetic lyrics and melodic harmonies has not changed even though the tempo has.

The song has a warm feeling with prominent electric guitar riffs throughout, along with the familiar country slide. The female vocals work well throughout and seem to compliment the song perfectly. The music video shows footage of Nashville, some of which include the famous strip, and also distant city shots – this adds to the song’s image perfectly.

The song has been released under Colt Records, Nashville. The label was started back in October of 1998 by country singer & songwriter J. K. Coltrain and a group of trusted friends with offices located in Nashville, Tennessee.

The song is available for preview and to but on Bandcamp here: