Charlotte, North Carolina – Ken Hardeo had more great things in mind when he wrote and recorded his latest single, “I Can Love You Through Anything.” Part of the proceeds will head towards worthy causes such as the American Cancer Society and the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention.
Ken Hardeo didn’t work alone on this effort. Ken got help from his friend, musician and producer Quentin Bethea who also sang on the track. Together they created a beautiful blend of R&B that harbors on pop with inspirational undertones that shine through for people of all ages around the world. With a song as versatile as “I Can Love You Through Anything,” it works on various levels. Being sung either at the start of a marriage at a wedding, or in celebration of a loved one’s life at a memorial service. Ken Hardeo wrote a song that is as timeless as it is universal in use.
With a heart as big as could be, Ken Hardeo knew that he wanted to make good use of his music. With that, he is donating part of the proceeds from “I Can Love You Through Anything” to two notable causes; the American Cancer Society and the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. The American Cancer Society works towards providing not only financial assistance to those in need but also cancer research to hopefully one day rid the world of this awful disease. The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention also does great things like providing people with call center help, mental healthcare, and more.
Those interested in adding “I Can Love You Through Anything” to their playlist or site, reviewing it, or featuring Ken Hardeo can reach out via the information provided below.
About: Ken Hardeo has released his latest single “I Can Love You Through Anything” with part of the proceeds heading towards charitable causes.
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