Joeseph Rodriguez, better known by his stage name “Joey ZaZa”, is a Cuban-American rapper, singer, songwriter, and producer. Born in San Diego, California, Joey was raised in Dallas, Texas. It was during this time he got into the rap/hip-hop culture, accrediting Houston and Atlanta underground rappers as influences.

“Joey ZaZa’s passion for music is clearly shown in his work and he does a terrific job telling his story through his songs.” — Medium Magazine February 18th, 2021 .

Joey credits his biggest inspiration for doing music as his younger brother, John Rodriguez, who died in December 2018 at the age of 19. “Music was something we both shared, especially our love for R&B. He is my biggest motivator and I couldn’t do this if I didn’t think he was watching.” I wrote this song just because of how much I enjoy the Producer ‘Wheezy”.

I make all my songs based on the vibe and Cam Young had such a good vibe on this beat, I couldn’t resist. I also wanted to open up and talk about things I had going on in my life and a little about what the vibe is going on in the Grand Strand area. This song is actually dropping on all platforms on May 14.

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