Online music store CD Baby describes New Zealand musician James Kahu’s sounds as ‘Jazz funk rock’ and says he’s a phenomenal singer and bass player. James’ new single, Tequila And Lime Lounge Mix, is now available on all major online retail stores and is expected to increase this DIY artist’s popularity without any major label backing. Growing up in Auckland, New Zealand and playing the bass since he was fifteen, James is well-known in New Zealand for his six-string, fretless, left-handed bass with unique carvings on the body of the bass guitar.

It is the only one of its kind in New Zealand and there are only a handful around the world. After doing his time in the New Zealand military, James took a leap of faith, throwing himself into his own music while working in his covers band, playing gigs and doing session recordings. Through his own promotional efforts both locally and overseas, James has propelled his music onto the airwaves on Smooth Jazz radio stations in the USA, UK & Europe. James’ new single, Tequila And Lime Lounge Mix, is an infused mix of lizard lounge/ latin rock produced by multi-platinum Hip Hop producer, Jonathan Swole Dumas in Atlanta, Georgia, USA.


James Kahu’s Website.

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