Giovanni Latin Artist is a Singer/Songwriter/ Producer for multi genres of Pop, R&B, Latin and EDM. GLA got his start in music as a dancer for a few Recording Artists in the Freestyle, Pop and Latin genres such as Connie, Johnny O. He got his biggest break though when he got to work with Singer/ Songwriter/Drummer/ Percussionist Sheila E. GLA starred in 2 of her 1991 Music videos entitled Sex Cymbal and Dropping Like Flies. This experience made GLA want more than to just be a dancer, but to be an Artist himself.

GLA got to work and used his stage presence as a dancer to complement his growth as an Artist and Songwriter. GLA has blended the sounds of Pop and Latin vibes to create his own unique sound. Every song GLA creates is different from one another.

He gives you different flavors to his sound and Music. GLA had the pleasure and honor of sharing the stage with such acts as Malo, Spanish, Fly, Evelyn King Champagne, C&C Music Factory and many more. He has also worked with Grammy Award winning Producer Michael Mani and Rence Perez from BlackHouse Productions.

In 2021 GLA brings you his new single fully written, arranged and produced by him. He has always been a fan of the 80s and 90s sound, so he decided to give you a little bit of the 80s, 90s mixed with the sound of today and mixed with that Latin Pop to bring you his latest single entitled Making Love.

This song has a contagious hook with a dance melody that is sure to make you want to get up and dance. Watch out for this exciting Artist and his exciting seductive music.


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