It’s essential to explore how a deceiver, more likely to be portrayed in the media and labeled as the prime target, provides his reality for listeners in the newly released single. How many male artists have made a cheating song? PDS may not be the first one, but for female singers, it’s abundant—just ask a Swiftie! PDS delivers his story in ‘Why Lie Why Cheat (Creep)’ with a lyrical first verse stating, ‘that ain’t the issue tho.’ His rap is about where his initial view, being a one-woman man that most say is alien to men, was about being truthful and all-in, but he ended up getting played.

Playing someone, being untruthful in your everyday actions toward someone, cheating in a relationship is an equal opportunity sport; females can be just as or more deceitful ‘as men.’ The artist, initially all in, eventually adopts a new approach after being devastated, gaining wisdom and a mega ‘spidey sense’ to detect when someone pretends to be a ride or die, yet all along they are not – “hit the door, don’t need..!”

“Why Lie Why Cheat (Creep)” is available on online stores. You can also preview it on Apple Music and watch the official video on Vevo. The album, “DANCE by PDS”, is set to release on 01/26/2024. Preview it here: Major online stores and DJs can access it via Beatport. Discounted gratitude tracks include “Techno Journey (AI),” “Dance,” “Love Dance (Romance),” and “Why Lie Why Cheat.”

As anticipation mounts, early reviews are pouring in. One critic boldly states, “This is gonna blow up,” encapsulating the sentiment echoed by many who have had a sneak peek into the musical marvel that is “DANCE by PDS.” Another review succinctly dubs it a “Certified hit,” recognizing the album’s potential to set the industry ablaze.

PDS, an artist collective operating independently under the music label and publisher HNA Music (BMI), was founded with a singular vision – to bring a new and unique dance style and contemporary inspirational songs to the world. Their approach transcends conventional boundaries, promising a multicultural vibe and a musical journey like no other.