Cristina on new single “T H A N K F U L” inspiration: “I wrote this song when I was in a really really sad and dark place and was so so tired of being sad. I was crying a lot and in need of making a lot of tough shifts and changes I didn’t have energy to make and didn’t want to. After 2 MASSIVE heart breaks including a broken engagement and even girl-friendships were breaking my heart.”

“T H A N K F U L” took 5 years not only to make the song but to completely solidify the interior change I wanted to have, positivity, a positive perspective and lens no matter what I encountered. Finally when I was tired enough of being sad I said, you know what, I am going to write a HAPPY song, and I am going to dream about a future, a husband, playing shows, and I’m going to give thanks for everything I have and everything I’ve suffered and been blessed with.”

“So if you want to hear a song that will make you bop your head that will lift you up a little bit and dream about an amazing future, take a listen! THIS WAS THE BEGINNING OF MY SHIFT AND IT CAN BE YOURS, or an encouragement in the gratefulness you already possess. I was hopeless and wanted freedom and writing this song helped me work to that and through that.” – Cristina Ballestero

This Pop/R&B artist Cristina Ballestero is no stranger to pop music. In 2006, Ballestero was signed to Universal Blackground Records in a girl group, “L.A.X. Gurlz”. The dance-pop group’s music video for, “Forget You” premiered on MTV’s TRL’s “First-Look”. The single got plays on Radio Disney, and other big stations such as B96 in Chicago and Z100 in New York. It was ranked #98 on Billboard’s 100 Greatest Girl Group Songs of All Time, and was the most requested song on Radio Disney in ‘06. They performed and toured until the group disbanded in 2009.

In 2010, Ballestero played “Tess” in the premiere of the on-stage production of Disney’s “Camp Rock” the Musical and appeared on the Disney 365 commercial debuting the release. Cristina has since written, produced and distributed her own music with her own independent team. Her brand new single “T H A N K F U L” available on all music platforms features elements of Destiny’s Child, JoJo, Timberlake, and Ariana. Her incredible vocal abilities laying over the R&B/Pop tracks of her new single “T H A N K F U L” make it impossible not to bop your head when you listen. The vocal and vibe creates an easy irresistible Pop/R&B sound. Cristina Ballestero is on her way to the top.


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