Congrats to Melvin Fromm Jr. for having 7 songs picked and promoted on Jan 17 2024 by a to 5 Facebook music groups. 5 influential Facebook pages with 1 million plus followers. 25 Soundcloud playlists, 25 YouTube Playlists, and 50 music websites. All 7 songs of Melvin’s that were picked have been mastered by Grammy-winning studio engineers, known for their work on several of Taylor Swift’s studio albums. [Thanks for the love and support of the music and God’s favor for opening so many music doors.]

The 7 songs of Melvin’s picked and promoted include:
“Seal This Love Deal” streaming sites @
“Love Fits Are Hearts” streaming sites @
“Loves Merry Go Round” streaming sites @
“Heart’s Loving Automobile” streaming sites @
“Simple Life Of Love” streaming sites @ streaming sites @
“Freedom Rings” streaming sites @
“True Love Lottery” streaming sites @

How did the London production company hear about Melvin’s music to pick and promote? A big thank you to Phoenix Fm and Paul Golder for the special shout out on the “Rising Stars” radio and podcast show on the show’s website @
where the London production company seen it on the shows website and heard it on the podcast and decided to check out Melvin’s music where they decide to pick 7 songs to promote of Melvin’s. The “Rising Stars” show with Melvin’s special shout out on the podcast website has over 25 thousand views in 3 day and growing. [A big thank you to Paul Golder and Phoenix Fm for the special shout out on “Rising Stars” show website and all they do for indie music. Look forward to keep working with your amazing station with music in 2024.]

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