Recently an artist by the name of DAMAG3 who a non-binary rapper is has released their latest track ‘WHAT HAPP3N3D’ which has brought the LGBT community together through its representation of hard times and how life passes by within a blink of the eye and sometimes you aren’t sure how you got there.

However, ‘WHAT HAPP3N3D’, despite its beautifully deep and powerful lyrics, has been rejected by big social platforms from the likes of Facebook and YouTube for “indecency’ even though the only amount of nudity is women wearing a crop top and underwear and a non-binary wearing what society seems a “feminine” outfit.

This raises many concerning theories centring around large platforms on social media such as: Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram on their brushing under the table of rare promotion to certain representations and issues, something people in the LGBTQ+ community have been sharing their voices on.

People like DAMAG3, who share their uniqueness to the world, and only ever asking for people to hear and feel and connect with their thoughts on. So when their empowering thoughts on situations where we can learn from are rejected by, companies where the CEOs “avoid tax”, we must come together as supporters of the LGBT