Yung Day is an American rapper from Jamaica Queens. He released his first single “TYB” in the fall of 2019. “Clueless” is his 5th single release. At this point, he already sounds like a seasoned rapper. He is in the massive field of the new wave of rappers on the rise today, but it’s his energy, technical ability, and his gift of ear-catching rhyme that sets him apart from the rest. His talent is obvious—he’s not an over the top eccentric, like many of his contemporaries, but a workmanlike rapper and very good writer. What makes Yung Day a promising artist is his ability to craft melodies and flows.

The power of “Clueless” is in its easy-going fluidity and its hint that there’s a lot more to Yung Day than meets the eye. The trap hi-hats propel the momentum of the groping bassline, which in turn pushes the plucked, exotic sounding stringed instrument to underscore the rapper’s free-flowing narrative. This project feels like Yung Day has figured out exactly what works for him, because he is totally in his comfort zone.

Yung Day is endearing with his singing, honest with his bars, and charismatic with a slightly reserved demeanor. The more that you’re exposed to Yung Day, the better his music becomes.

All of the subtle nuances begin to expose themselves, painting him as a melodic rap warrior trying to make his way to the next level. He matches catchy vocal patterns that push and pull with an instrumental full of flickering percussion and biting bass.

Yung Day’s infectious flow is hard to stop listening to and even harder not to groove to on “Clueless”. Looking at his series of single releases, the rapper proves he isn’t a one trick pony wonder, and that he truly belongs in today’s rap game with this track.

It’s no secret in the rap game that talent and success are not directly correlated. If that were the case, Yung Day’s would be dominating the charts.

Any assumptions made about the quality of underground and independent hip-hop today are quickly dispelled by “Clueless”. He possesses that rare talent to turn even the simplest lyrics into something interesting and intricate. His voice is his instrument, and he uses that instrument to craft lyrical threads that are too well-woven to overlook. “Clueless” cements the status of his impeccable flow and voice.

Yung Day rewards fans by giving them the type of updated, modern, melodic sound they like, while capitalizing on his flow and the song’s melody. He has inalienable talent and appeal in his voice, as well as his production niche.

Vocal layering is expected in modern rap, but Yung Day’s vocal tactility makes his music smooth and easy on the ear. He can rap fast, but uses his gift in the service of texture. His flow is all about fluency and kinetic energy.

The vibe on “Clueless” stays entertaining throughout, and overall, it’s a celebration of where Yung Day is now, and excitement for what’s to come from him in the near future.