“On Ya Mark” is a single taken off the upcoming EP project, “Calculated Chances”, by new rap artist Take1. The song is described as being about: believing and winning as yourself.  “I feel like everyone can get out of whatever situation they may be in,” says Take1. “I won when people said I couldn’t make it,” he concludes. By the sound of this single, ambition and Take1 make a good duo. Take1’s desire for a classic project seems like a primary concern of his, and on this single, he’s taken to conquering the sounds of the past, as well as those of the future, looking to insert himself onto the top underground rap tier by any means necessary.

Take1 has one of the best new voices in rap – a resonant blare capable of cutting through anything. The rapper sounds like someone who has encountered and overcome enough adversity and naysaying before and during his music career to never have such words attached to his name.

Instead of being broken by the many negative odds we face in life, he takes the sour with the sweet, hustles against the odds, and now is ready prosper with the inspiring sound of “On Ya Mark”.

There are no bars or beef separating the symbol of hope from being rightfully uplifted by his own strong will. Hearing Take1 be so candid about life’s uplifting experiences from his vantage point is refreshing. This beat is a groove. So infectious. My head was nodding and my shoulders were shimmying all the way through.

The knock is irresistible, as Take1 bounces all over the rhythm. He sounds as if he is great at making records that are perfect for clubs and house parties, but also could play easily through a set of personal earbuds while chilling.

You’ll love the vibe Take1 sets throughout the single. This is such a well-constructed record. Fluid, rhythmic, and impactful, the energy is kept high, while Take1’s verbose exuberance will hold your attention. “On Ya Mark” is thrust forward by Take1’s sense of purpose and righteous self-pride, as it brims with the spirit of a crusader.

He raps loudly and passionately. Take1 devotes plenty of time reveling in the spoils of victory, which comprise the track’s emotional core and contain its most indelible moments. The rapper seems zeroed in, and he has a very clear purpose. He doesn’t let a bar go to waste and features some smart lines.

If the quality of the music on his upcoming project, “Calculated Chances”, matches what is present on “On Ya Mark”, Take1 will triumphantly cement the coming of his star.

The single, “On Ya Mark” is available on all major platforms. Stream his music and connect with him on his social media.