Tyler Knauff artistically known as T. Ka$h, is an independent musician, songwriter, podcaster, and business owner based out of San Diego, California. Inspired by the likes of Tyler, The Creator, Mac Miller, and the East Coast Collaboration: Beast Coast, he has performed at different venues all over San Diego. However, due to COVID, he took a small hiatus. He is now back with a new vision. He released his newest single, “Glass House” on September 24th. Fiercely confident and lyrically loaded, T. Ka$h is on red hot form throughout this single, firing shots like a high-powered artillery gunner.

“Glass House” is jam-packed with incendiary moments, not least the verses which are driven T. Ka$h’s aggressive growl. Unlike many of his scattershot contemporaries, the rapper’s latest effort possesses a palpable sense of focus.

It’s concise and straight-to-the-point, with no signs of over-indulgence. In short, it’s the songs fans of the San Diego rapper knew he was capable of making. It serves as a satisfying introduction to this new era of T. Ka$h.

The track is easily digestible, serving as a reminder of T. Ka$h’s skillful tongue and vigilant ear for clean, resonant, but non-distracting beats to rap over. It showcases the rapper’s improvement as a beat selector and songwriter, making this his most impressive release to date. Moreover, his wordplay and flows are impressive from the get-go. T. Ka$h is blatant about his feelings expressed in the song and makes sure his message is heard on “Glass House”.

When T. Ka$h’s skill is combined with the subject matter that he is tackling, like it is on “Glass House”, it produces wonderful, thought-provoking music. T. Ka$h gives listeners a taste of the lyrical hip hop they’re so dearly missing today: the clever wordplay and deep intensity, which makes his music so distinct from the rest. T. Ka$h practically cements his style and delivers an overwhelming sense of swagger and confidence in everything he says.

The best part of “Glass House” is the reinforcement of T. Ka$h uncompromising attitude and the manifestation of his nurturing intellect. As great as the production work is, the message and the delivery is even more powerful.

Lyrically, T. Ka$h elevates his game, establishing his voice and strong vocal presence. He explains the grind of staying strong and on top of his game, all while living in a world where the system and the naysayers seems stacked against him.

“I don’t want to be another number, unless it means I’m number one,” raps T. Ka$h, as he steadily carves out his own unique slice of the rap world. A slice that tastes fresh, nostalgic, and somewhat impressive. He has assembled a consistent, thoughtful record that transcends the normal subject matter and confines of mainstream hip-hop.

Though “Glass House” is evocative of past hip-hop classics, it is definitely a product of these times. T. Ka$h is in the midst of becoming an outstanding artist, and it’s exciting to see where his career can go from here.