Netherlands – Taking the best elements of pop and marrying them with the soulful delivery of R&B, Sharmila has exceeded expectations with her new single, Burning For You (Club Mix).

Born and raised in the Netherlands, Sharmila’s love of the arts developed at an early age. She started taking dance lessons as a child and from there, her passion for movement continued to grow. Now she’s intertwining that love of dance with her vocal abilities and creating music people can really get into. A combination of pop and R&B, Burning For You (Club Mix) is a song that could be heard on playlists alongside everyone from Mary J. Blige to Britney Spears to O-Town. In fact, Sharmila opened for the infectious boy band in September 2018 in Portland.

Available now on iTunes and other digital platforms, listeners can get Burning For You (Club Mix) now. Soon enough it will be followed by the release of two more singles; Respect Your Body and Guess I Was a Fool. Come 2019 her new album will also be out and after that, she will focus on touring.

Those interested in featuring Burning For You (Club Mix) on their sites or playlists, or interviewing Sharmila can get in touch via the information provided below.


Sharmila is a Netherlands-based singer who has a new pop/R&B single out now entitled Burning For You (Club Mix).

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