Phreckle$ is an independent solo artist out of Los Angeles, California. She writes all her own songs, and produces professional quality artistic music videos. A precocious talent, Phreckle$, played trumpet at 9 years old in the school band, by 12 she was performing at the Carnegie Hall, and a year later she started going to punk shows. At 17 she was playing bass in 3 different punk bands. At the age of 22, she was discovered as a model and is now an internationally signed model working with the top photographers and magazines in the industry, which has put her on the map worldwide. Phreckle$ has however, not lost her passion for music carving out a presence as a rapper with a growing fanbase.

Her latest freshly created release, is the single “IDFWP” which dropped on 3/13/2020. Females working in hip hop have always tended to raise more eyebrows than it has given birth to legitimately good music, but now with the flux of thoughtful hip hop, courtesy of such visionary artists as Phreckle$, there seems to be a little more to write home about in terms of genuine artistry and competent songwriting within the genre.

There were always fears that females would struggle to thrive in a predominantly male-dominated industry as volatile as this, and the reason has far less to do with ability and a whole lot more to do with content. Phreckle$ strips away the chauvinism and misanthropy for a more rounded, accessible branch of the genre, whether it be through mature and intelligent themes or emotional and artistic ardor.

Phreckle$ is ready to rock the boat with her inventive and catchy single “IDFWP”. Produced by Stefan Raymond Mason, the track has a spacy and atmospheric electronic backdrop, on which Phreckle$ weaves her web of self-empowering positive rap.

The flow Phreckle$ rhymes with, is also impressive, spitting out monotone bars second and then coming across as startlingly melodic the next. She is always eloquent and charming in a natural rough-and-tumble way.

The complexity of her lyrical depth works brilliantly with the straightforward, no-nonsense style of the music. The use of clean singing must also be complimented, as she displays during this song that she can carry off tuneful vocals in addition to speedy talk. “IDFWP” clocks in at roughly two minutes and fifty three seconds, and it’s just long enough to be the perfect introduction to Phreckle$ unique style.

The seemingly uninhabitable middle ground between the serious hip hop working the underground, and the hit-making pop rap that has been flooding the charts, is not an obstacle Phreckle$, as she is able to comfortably find the pocket between the two.

She sings like a pro, she delivers rhymes as if she’s been doing it since forever, and she radiates charisma without breaking a sweat. In other words, she’s the traditional total package. And that’s the thing that makes “IDFWP” so exciting to listen to. It’s almost as thrilling as watching the video for the first time.