As a songwriter, and pop-rock singer NesKoH seems to be getting even better at locating the emotional core of his music and stripping everything superfluous away. The result is music with a visceral emotional kick to it. On his latest single, A GDJE ĆEŠ SAD?” (And where are you going now?), NesKoH’s resonating and lilting voice weaves a powerful memory over the driving chord progression. The song manages to be dark, bittersweet, and moody at the same time, as it delves into life, death, and human extremes.

“We live in a time where a lot is available to man. He created a lot of things and invented what is perfect, and therefore bad, because we get lost in the immense offer. I find that a person generally loses a sense of effort to get and create something, and at the same time appreciates what he has.

It’s an amazing fact that we have more, and we’re less and less happy. In this song I am just talking about life decisions, because only when we do not have a source everything becomes clear,” NesKoH pointed out.

This song’s chord composition employs both moody descending patterns and grungy divergent riffs, all to complement NesKoH’s classic rock vocals. The songwriter’s ear for pop hooks in the choruses, makes A GDJE ĆEŠ SAD?” an unforgettable experience. It’s such an amazing work because it’s his own statement, freed from outside influences. It’s refreshing, imaginative, and is the sound of a man who has plenty more to offer.

A GDJE ĆEŠ SAD?” is one of those rare moments where NesKoH exudes authenticity by laying all his strengths on the table, allowing him to create a mini rock masterpiece.  “There is only one more sign .Towards light or into darkness. Where are you going now? Will you follow others or lead the way?” asks NesKoH, as he takes us deep into the psyche, through the search of the meaning of human existence.

The track is a great solo effort that shows the power of creativity and the capabilities of someone making their own decisions. The only thing the listener will have to work through is the excellent use of symbolism, which means so much more upon reflection. The song perfectly captures man’s futilities and desperations; it connects to your heart and makes you want to share in the song’s narrative.

For music lovers who adore the rich, powerful sound of alternative rock and are ready for a blend of mellifluous pop sensibilities, A GDJE ĆEŠ SAD?” out via the Hayat Production label, couldn’t be a better medicine.

The level of passion evident in an artist’s craft is the element that makes the final product either a success or failure. NesKoH’s passion not only is evident, but consistent throughout the recording. The result is an impacting artistic showcase of NesKoH’s singing and songwriting talents, leaving us eager for his next chapter.

MORE ABOUT: NesKoH (Nesko Hadžimuratović) is an artist, songwriter and singer, born and raised in Sarajevo. He graduated from the Paris Academy of Music, and is the founder of the well-known German punk band LaminiusX, with which he recorded 3 albums and performed a number of concerts in Berlin, Paris, Hamburg, Cologne, Bremen, etc. NesKoH currently works as a professor of music in Marseille, France.