“Quarantine Freestyle (93′ Til Infinity beat)” makes me wish there were more artists like Naddí. I had to listen to the songs in his catalog a couple times to fully grasp the level of craft used in most of his songs. I still feel like I’m getting more out of several songs every time I hear them after a couple of plays. I think Naddí not only represents a much needed level of originality in hip-hop, but also a much desired level of synergy between the production and the emcees. There is no conscious competition felt between the beat and the bars, each is just doing its thing naturally and beautifully, to the best of its possibilities, without pretense. There really isn’t much else out there like this.

“Quarantine Freestyle (93′ Til Infinity beat)” is a master-class in rhyme construction and flow, as Naddí continuously drops an onslaught of quotables over a banging drumbeat, warm shimmering keys, and wildly blowing horns. Naddí’s artistry lies in his lyrics.

He’s a poet, first and foremost – sometimes explicit, sometimes profound, always focused. Every ounce of brilliance that he provides, stems from his skills as a writer, whether that’s his pen game, or freestyling off the dome, as is done on this track. “Quarantine Freestyle (93′ Til Infinity beat)” does a great job at easing the listener into Naddí’s left-of-center aesthetic.

Naddí proves his ability to create music that endures without ever compromising his vision, elevating his skills without ever chasing trends. Naddí creates jams like “Quarantine Freestyle (93′ Til Infinity beat)” that are simultaneously effortless and complex — perfect for a nice pair of headphones.

Unlike many of his contemporaries, and notwithstanding his music’s accessibility, Naddí has a level of substance that can rival avant-garde artists. Hip-hop is in an interesting state at the moment. Aside from a typically crapshoot mainstream, the underground has also has its share of misfires.

Many promising artists seem to have lost their edge, substance, and confidence as of late. But there’s still plenty of promise for the future thanks to artists like Naddí, who will surely find his sweet spot within hip hop’s ongoing history.

Running through his catalog, it’s clear that Naddí has been steady laying in the cut — always honing his sound, always evolving his style, and, most importantly, always having fun doing it. “Quarantine Freestyle (93′ Til Infinity beat)” is rooted in the bare-bones fundamentals of hip-hop – bars, beat and flow. It’s also looser, richer, and more wonderfully alive than anything Naddí’s contemporaries are currently doing.

“Quarantine Freestyle (93′ Til Infinity beat)” comes across as a bold statement of purpose from an artist that’s found musical bliss, mining his fruitful patch of the hip-hop universe. It is a celebration of that lost era of hip-hop when rapping rhymes was more about entertainment and creativity than simply making bank.

Naddí is part of a relatively small but prolific group of artists, whose minds are set to the task of creating captivating, lyrical and technically proficient hip-hop. Of that group, Naddí, an artist out of the DMV, gets my vote as a movement leader.

Also lookout for ‘Farenheight’, a song released on April 10th. It is another captivating piece written and sung eloquently by Naddí in such a way that leaves an auditory aftertaste that’s hard to match. Everything in this song was luckily carried out and improved. Starting with producer and songwriter Scott Black’s production, passing on to Naddí’s vocals, finally, we have Lorena translating the cinematography so effortlessly.