For some, a full moon symbolizes hope, growth and the peak of clarity. For Maeve Steele, it marks the phase of “Full Moon”—the second single off of her coveted summer EP Barefoot.

“For me, ‘Full Moon’ is all about hope and opportunity,” Steele reveals, “It’s about the realization that something may not last forever, or even end well, but it was special regardless. The verses are really romantic, but the chorus comments on the situation in a much larger sense…I really wanted to capture that bittersweet dichotomy. It’s more of a thank-you note than a love letter.”

A poet first and foremost, Maeve flexed her lyrical prowess in “No Control”, her first single of the new year. “Full Moon” acts as the second single from Steele’s impending EP. For both singles, Steele teamed up with rising producer Cole Phillips and Grammy nominated engineer Robert Venable. “Full Moon” is also Maeve Steele’s second release alongside Marathon Talent Agency and manager Peter Strickland.

“I’m excited for this next chapter in Maeve’s career,” Strickland notes, “this song has such a cool vibe to it, it’s very true to who she is an an artist.”

“Full Moon” will be available now on all platforms!

“In a time of fear and uncertainty,” Maeve states, “I wanted to put out a song about hope and finding something beautiful, no matter how rough a situation seems.”

Listen Here:

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